Shri Sai Baba
Mother Teresa
Michael Jackson
Arnold Schwarzenegger
Amitabh Bachchan
M.S. Dhoni
Mona Lisa
Jackie Chan
Charlie Chaplin

With a penchant for providing new and unique experiences,a one of its kind initiative has been undertaken by Mr.Shreethar and the and the result is World’s first Live Art Museum .One may have come across wax museum in many parts of the world,but Mr.Shreethar’s endeavor has always been to create spectacular experiences to the public and thus was born the idea of replicating famous personalities in Silicone.

Figurines made of Silicon have a better perfection as compared the wax models.He opines the statues made of silicone are more life-like since silicone gives a more fine finesse than wax.A.P Shreethar and his team comprising of Sculpture Ravi ,Costume Designer Daksha Dhayalan ,Vinod who provided the relevant accessories for the statues ,creative set designed b y Appu,and n creative designs by Sudheer and Rahul through their unending hard work and tireless efforts ,have ensured that the life size replicas of famous personalities are the closest to the real images.

These replicas will not only keep the audience encaptivated , but also give them a feeling of being in the time and era when these personalities were alive in the world. Each statue has its own interesting story to tell.
The Live Art Museum has been aptly named so because it gives the visitors are real life experience of meeting famous personalities and leaves an everlasting impression in their minds.

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Museum Address : 159, 5/108, East Coast Road, Akkarai Injambakkam, Chennai - 600115